About us

Experts in International Business

One mission

PKCommunicate has a single mission: delivering excellent language services to our clients first time, every time. We work with businesses and individuals across the globe who rely on us to ensure that their message is as strong in every language as it was when they first wrote or spoke it.

Party like it’s 1999

The year 1999 was special for many reasons. For Dr Penny Karanasiou, the founder of PKCommunicate, it was the year that she first started working as a translator and interpreter. From that point on, her passion for business and desire to provide translation and interpreting that helped other businesses to grow would lead her to create ERMINIA translation centre, which soon grew to the ERMINIA network of translation centres, with 14 offices around Greece.

Who better to trust with your important meeting or the document that will help your business grow than an agency run by someone with personal experience of building a successful, international business from scratch?

In 2017, PKCommunicate took another leap forward, with the completion of Dr Karanasiou’s PhD in interpreting, focussing on the role of interpreters in international business negotiations. This means that PKCommunicate can offer you all the benefits of the scale of an agency with the kinds of specialist insights you can only get from the most knowledgeable consultants.

Specialists in Intercultural Communication and Negotiation

Given the background of our founder, it should be no surprise that we are specialists in intercultural communication and negotiation. We help clients integrate successfully into other cultures and can draft business plans, feasibility reports and other documents for companies that want to export to other countries or do business abroad.

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