PK Communicate

Language Experts in International Business

Led by an expert in interpreting in business negotiations, PKCommunicate provides language services for businesses who are looking to expand abroad, communicate with clients or staff in other countries or grow their audience.

PKCommunicate has built up a reputation for being the agency clients can trust to provide intercultural expertise that gets real results.


We provide interpreters for negotiations, conferences, meetings, phone calls, webinars and more. All our interpreters are fully trained and hold memberships of professional associations. We carefully select interpreters with the right specialist knowledge and expertise for each interpreting assignment.


We offer translations of draft business plans, feasibility reports, brochures, and all other documents businesses need to export. All translations are undertaken by human translators with the qualifications and expertise you need to deliver the right results on the right budget.

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About the Founder

Dr Penny Karanasiou MCIL is a leading expert in multilingual business negotiations, having obtained her PhD in the subject in 2017. She has worked as an interpreter and translator since 1999 and is the CEO of ERMINIA network of translation centres. In addition to PKCommunicate in Scotland, ERMINIA has 14 offices throughout Greece, working with well over 400 translators. Admittedly, ERMINIA is the biggest network of translation centers in Greece. Therefore, with strong resources and human capital, PK Communicate can offer translation and interpreting services in all languages around the globe.