Business unrestricted

Growing a business internationally means seeing languages as opportunities, not barriers. Working with PKCommunicate gives you access to teams of specialist interpreters who can ensure that your events, meetings and negotiations go even better than planned.

We cover many languages, a variety of specialisms and any type of meeting you can imagine, to give you the best chance of international business success.

In-person interpreting

While video and telephone calls are great, business is still best done in person. We believe in a more personal approach and find just the right simultaneous interpreters, consecutive interpreters and interpreters for the meetings that matter to your business.

Remote Interpreting

Sometimes, meeting in-person just isn’t possible. For moments like those, we offer remote interpreters, available by telephone or video call, on the right platform for your meeting. So, whether you are running a virtual conference, leading a webinar or calling a client to check project progress, we will find you the right interpreters to make sure your time is never wasted.

Interpreters you can trust

All our interpreters are professionally qualified, hold memberships of relevant professional bodies and are rigorously assessed before we send them. We also require all our interpreters to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to make sure that your information is kept private.


I have known Penny since 2010. Not only is she a great business leader in her own right, she is on the top of my list whenever I am looking for a Greek interpreter. I know I can trust her to deliver when it matters.
– Dr Jonathan Downie, Consultant Interpreter, Integrity Languages