Are you tired of coming face to face with language barriers as you try to expand your business internationally? Then it could be time to enlist the expert help of one of our experienced interpreters. Our interpreters can help you to clearly express yourself, understand what’s being said and negotiate for the best deals and opportunities in various global markets. At PK Communicate, we have hundreds of interpreters covering dozens of languages, and this ensures that we are best-placed to help you break through the language barriers that are holding you back from international business success. Whether you’re seeking a face to face or telephony interpretation service, you can rest assured that we can assist.

Face to Face Interpretation

Whilst it’s true that telephony interpretation is a quick, easy on-demand service to use, certain situations require a more personal approach. Our face to face interpretation service offers human interaction and visual contact, which may be more appropriate for more complex or sensitive situations. Our interpretors can can attend meetings, conferences, law courts and many other settings to provide you with a face to face interpretation service that meets your needs.

All of our interpreter hold relevant interpreting qualifications and are rigorously assessed to ensure they have the skills required to interpret professionally. What’s more, they must sign a Confidentiality Agreement and accept a comprehensive Code of Conduct before they are accepted to work for PK Communicate.

Telephone Interpretation

Whatever the language, time of day, or your location, PK Communicate’s telephone interpreting service is as accessible as your nearest phone. Simply tell us which language you require and you’ll be connected to a skilled interpreter. Telephone interpreting is a highly efficient and affordable method of communicating with speakers of a different language or whose English is limited. It allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds through the simple use of a telephone.

Telephone interpreting is ideal if there’s an emergency and you require interpretation support right away, when anonymity is preferred or geographical restrictions mean that it’s impossible for an interpreter to attend your meeting face to face. We have been providing telephone interpreting services for many years and have a proven track record in the field.