Intercultural Communication / Negotiation

As well as providing translation and interpretation services, PK Communicate is also highly skilled in intercultural communication and negotiation. Company founder and owner Penny Karanasiou is a doctorate candidate in intercultural communication and has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise at hand. Working with her team, she can help businesses and individuals to integrate into other cultures in order to achieve great success. She can also draft business plans, feasibility reports and other important documentation for companies that want to export in or do business with other countries.

The Key to Success in a Diverse World

As a business, failure to recognize the importance of intercultural communication can be a big mistake. Not only can it aid you in communicating and negotiating successfully with international partners, enabling you to strengthen and grow your business in unfamiliar markets, but it can help you to attract and integrate culturally diverse talent efficiently. In an increasingly diverse world, being able to integrate into other cultures is a necessity, and could well be your key to success on a global scale. PK Communicate can provide intercultural communication and negotiation services to businesses of all sizes and in various industry sectors.